Celebrating 40 Years!

Safety Is Our Priority; Appointments Available

   Dear Piano Owners: 

 These are trying times but we are hopeful that within the coming days and weeks protocols will be put in place that will allow person-to-person businesses such as piano tuning and servicing to continue as usual. Musicians and music students have been hit hard by the crisis, but don't give up. Together we can overcome this. Help us keep the modern day music and piano Renaissance alive!
   Contact us by text, email, or phone to schedule an appointment. Keep your piano sounding good for when inspiration strikes! Appointments may be scheduled as far in advance as you would like to ensure a specific time. We are committed to taking every recommended CDC precaution, from the use of face masks to cleaners. While it is helpful when the customer is present, it is not required, so that is an option also. As long as we can get access to the instrument, we will make sure that it is tuned and serviced to your liking.    -- Steve Rensberry, Tuner-Technician

Contact Us At:
Email: srensberry@rensberrypiano.com
Text: 618-654-1585
Phone: 618-654-1585