Tuning Appointments Available

Keep the Harmony In Your Life

    Rensberry Piano Service strives to offer professional quality piano tuning and repair services at a reasonable price. With inflation a concern to many people right now, our intent is to keep our fees at a price point that accurately reflects our costs of operation and to avoid any price increases as much as possible by reducing costs in other areas first.

    We current serve a diverse and large number of customers in many communities, both rural and metropolitan, some for whom fees are a concern and others for whom it is less so. Please let us know what meets your needs. Payment options and plans are available for larger repairs.

    Our standard fee for tuning within the Metro East, Illinois region (Madison and St. Clair counties primarily), is only $85, as of Jan. 1, 2022. A few minutes (15) of minor repairs or adjustments are included.

    To our knowledge, our tuning fee is one of the most competitive in the region. Pitch raises of more than 1/3 of a semitone (though not recommended) can run extra. Mileage fees outside of the Metro East, or greater than 30 miles from Edwardsville, Illinois, range between $10 and $25.

    Please do not hestitate to call, email or text any questions you have about tuning, fees, or scheduling and we will be happy to answer them.

Steve Rensberry
Piano Tuner-Technician
Phone/text: 618-654-1585
email: srensberry@rensberrypiano.com