Celebrating 40 Years!

A well-serviced piano brings a lifetime of benefit

   Owning a piano has for decades been the dream of a great many people. It is a source of pride, entertainment, education and tremendous personal reward with every new song that someone learns to play. I know because in the 27 years in which I have been tuning and servicing pianos I have met thousands of musically talented people of all stripes - from those who are just beginning, to moderate and intermediate level players to highly advanced, concert-level performers. I know the dedication and focus that it takes to learn and the equally dedicated effort that it takes to teach others to play.
   But I have also seen the benefits first hand. Dedicated musicians become business owners, municipal leaders, lawyers, scientists, teachers and physicians. Research has shown that learning to play the piano lends itself to success in other areas of life because one of its many consequences is that it exercises that part of our brain which is responsible for spatial reasoning and abstract conceptualization - vitally important for such things as mathematics. Making music provides the perfect harmony between creativity and logic, and between art and structure. And of all the instruments in use today, the piano is right up there at the top.
   I consider myself a piano and guitar player of only modest talent, but technically and as an experienced tuner I would invite you to hold me up the very highest standard. If you are not completely satisfied, there simply will be no charge.