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This Beautiful Wurlizter Player Piano is Looking For a New Home

   This beautiful, modern player piano, built by Wurlizter, is currently for sale by a customer in Troy, Illinois. It has been kept in near perfect condition. 
   The instrument includes fully motorized controls, uses traditional classic player piano rolls, and has variable speed, repeat and re-roll functions. Even without the player piano mechanism, it is a superb instrument and a great piano either for an experienced or beginning player. It includes a bench.
   The Wurlizer Piano Company has maintained a very high reputation among both players and technicians for many decades. The original company was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1853 by Franz Rudolph Wurlitzer. Over the years the company produced a wide array of instruments, from pianos to pipe organs to electric keyboards. It was sold to the Baldwin Piano Company in 1988.
  If you are interested in making an offer on this Wurlitzer player piano or would like more information,or wish to contact the owner, please call Rensberry Piano Service at 618-654-1585, or send an email to -- Steve Rensberry, 9/29/2013

Rensberry Piano Service: Fine Tuning at a Reasonable Price

   A finely tuned piano is both a blessing to those who play and to those who listen! In my work I often encounter somewhat of a Catch-22, where a piano owner will delay having their piano tuned -- sometimes for many years -- because the piano is not played very often, while one reason that it is not getting played very often is because it is horribly out of tune.
  My goal as an experienced piano tuner and technician is, in part, to ease the fears of piano owners who: 1) Worry that tuning an instrument that has been of tune for a long time is going to cost a lot of money; and 2) Worry that the instrument has somehow been irreparably damaged by neglecting it. Neither are true.
  My own recommendation is that piano owners have their piano tuned within a 1, 2 or 3-year time frame -- and sooner if it is played daily or by multiple players. However, no matter how long it has been since it was last tuned, it can always be made to sound better. Keeping it tuned can entice a person to play more often, helping to improve their skills, and provide endless hours of enjoyment for everyone in the family.
  The experience I have gained over the years has enabled me to improve both my speed and accuracy in tuning just about any piano, which helps me to keep both my tuning fee and repair costs at a reasonable level. Although I would be happy to be making a lawyer or doctor's wage as a tuner, doing so is simply not realistic, despite what pricing scales you may have seen elsewhere. My average fees per tuning are just $75-80, with a few minutes of minor adjustments or repairs included.
   If you would like to schedule an appointment or inquire about more specific fees, please do not hesitate to give me a call at 618-654-1585. You may also contact me by email at -- Steve Rensberry, 8/2013

Baldwin Acrosonic Piano for Sale

   Rensberry Piano Service currently has a customer in the St. Louis metro east area interested in selling a used Baldwin Acrosonic spinet piano. The instrument would make a very good starter or practice piano and is in fair working condition. If you are interested, contact me at, or by phone at 618-654-1585. The price is low for this particular make and model.  -- Steve Rensberry (8//2013)

Piano purchasing advice available

   The impulse to make music or simply to enjoy and listen to it is as old as civilization itself. But while every instrument lends its own unique contribution to the world's chorus of sound, but nothing beats the breadth, emotion and power that can come from a piano at the hands of a skilled player.
   The beauty of a piano is that there is such a vast number of skill levels that can be employed to create a beautiful piece of music, from simple melodies to improvised pieces and pop songs, to full-scale concertos and concert piano performances. If you've ever thought about playing or purchasing a piano and could use from advise from someone whose life has pretty much been wrapped around this amazing instrument from an early age, please don't hesitate to send an email to You can also reach me at 618-654-1585. I may not able to answer all your questions, but I'll do my best to point you in the right direction. -- Steve Rensberry, Piano Tuner/Technician