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Appointments Available

Appointments Available 

Piano servicing and tuning can sometimes involve significant cost, especially if the instrument needs major repairs or restoration work, but it doesn't always have to. Many times we have repaired pianos that have appeared beyond repair, and saved a forgotten instrument that the owner felt was long gone. 

   Some repairs, such as complete restringing, new hammers, or refinishing, do add up, but many times an aging piano that doesn't quite work properly can be made to play adequately for much less than anticipated.

  Provided we can coordinate scheduling, our standing tuning fee is just $75 and miscellaneous repairs are based on a rate of $45/hr. If the piano is severely flat, we will raise the pitch as far as possible to attain a stable tuning. Appointments involving a tight deadline or long distances may involve an additional fee, and some services -- such as regulation or voicing -- involve a set fee. 

   Please feel free to call or send an email if you have any questions at all about tuning or repair of your piano. If you live within 60 miles of Edwardsville, Illinois, you are within our general service area.    

Steve Rensberry, Piano Tuner-Technician
Phone/text: 618-654-1585
Email: srensberry@rensberrypiano.com


In the Market For A Good Used Piano?


   Rensberry Piano often has customers with pianos for sale or donation. The next time you're in the market for a specific make or model, please let us know and we may be able to help you find what you need. We also have a small inventory of our own. Sometimes they can be acquired merely for the price of delivery, with the used piano market remaining in a state of flux and saturation in some areas.

   Pictured are a classic Chickering grand piano that one of our customers is selling, and a Wurlitzer spinet piano that another customer is looking to find a home for, essentially for the cost of delivery. Another customer is seeking a home for a classic Wurlitzer organ, also pictured, which we're told is in good working order. Again, it's yours for the asking. For more information about any of these instruments, and owner contact details, feel free to contact us by email, text or phone. email: srensberry@rensberrypiano.com; phone/text: 618-654-1585.

Piano Tuning

  Tuning And Repair Services Available

   Rensberry Piano Service is continuing to tune and service pianos during the health crisis, keeping your safety and recommended health precautions in mind. Whether you are an experienced player or beginner, it's a great time to exercise your creative spirit and mind!

    Primary tuning days are Tuesday-Thursday, but other times and days are available on request. Our service area extends primarily within a 1-hour radius of Edwardsville, Illinois, with a guaranteed standard tuning service fee of $75.00, provided we can schedule the appointment with others if necessary. Special arrangements can be made for an additional fee if a tuning is needed quickly or by a specific date, regardless of the distance. 

   Playing the piano is a great way to keep yourself fit, physically and mentally, during these changing times. If you are looking for a teacher and unable to find one in your area, let us know and maybe we can help with some of our teacher contacts. Many teachers we know of now offer remote lessons, due to the health crisis, as well as safe, in person lessons.

Call or text: 618-654-1585; Email: srensberry@rensberrypiano.com



Piano Moving: When Experience Counts

      Although primarily a single-technician operation, Rensberry Piano Service does move a significant number of pianos each year for customers in the Greater St. Louis Region and Southwestern Illinois region. Most grand moving requests are referred to one or two different companies we have worked with and can vouch for. Owners with upright pianos and others we can move are guaranteed a fair price. Give us a call or text if you need assistance, and we'll do our best to help.  --- Steve Rensberry / 618-654-1585

   Here's a couple of photos of me after the crew moved a 1960's era 6-foot 7-inch Yamaha G5 Grand from Troy to Litchfield a few years ago. The first and last photos are at the destination home.




Square Grands: A Window Into The Past

     I come across a lot of unique instruments in the piano business, and the old square or box grands are always fun to work with. I say that somewhat facetiously, because I don't know any tuner around who seriously enjoys tuning one.   
   Not only are the pins positioned off to the side, where you can hardly reach them, but some of the early models have a different type of pin that most newer style tuning levers won't fit. The last one I tuned for a customer was exactly this type, having an older more oblong shaped pin requiring a special tuning lever tip.
    To me these instruments are like windows into the past, tempting us to sit down and recreate the sounds that have been produced by them for more than 120 years. It's kind of magical.
   I regret that we are unable to schedule any major restoration projects this year, and probably for most of next year, with several projects already in line that I am pushing to complete. However, if you have an old square grand that needs any other type of work, or just needs tuning, I'd be delighted to be given your consideration.
    Most of the parts can still be obtained or re-manufactured, with some effort, even though they stopped manufacturing these massive instruments in the late 1800s.
    The one that I own, which I'm pictured standing beside, was built around 1878. The one pictured below, with the nice finish, is believed to have been built in the late 1840s, before the Civil War, and is one of the oldest instruments I have ever tuned and repaired. It is owned by a customer in Edwardsville. The other instrument pictured is one that we moved for another local customer.
  I really don't have an accurate count of how many technicians in the country will work on these long-lost instruments, but there can't be many given the instrument's status as mostly a collection piece.
--- Steve Rensberry

Beautiful Key Racks -- Made From Real Piano Keys!

   Looking for a nice gift, or something practical and attractive for your home? Rensberry Piano is offering a new product! Beautiful, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind key racks -- made from real piano keys! All racks are made from genuine piano parts and are sleek enough to be hung in the tightest spaces, measuring approximately 4" by 13"
   Racks are available in several finishes and stains, including dark mahogany, walnut, mission oak, colonial maple, or natural. Custom colors can be ordered.
    The hooks are designed to be extra strong and sturdy and are designed using solid steel piano tuning pins. They make a great gift and are made to last!
   Racks can be ordered in any color for just $24.95 ea. plus tax. Delivery is free within our customer services area, which includes the Metro East and Metropolitan St. Louis area and surrounding counties. A small shipping fee will be added for all other orders. Arrangement may also be made to pick them up at our shop near Troy, located at 8002 W. Kirsch Rd.
How to order:
1. Send an email to srensberry@rensberrypiano.com, and include your name, address, phone number, and the quantity and color you would like.
2. Call or text us at 618-654-1584 with the information.
   A confirmation email will be sent. Payment via cash or check is preferred, but other options are available.


Safety Is Our Priority; Appointments Available

   Dear Piano Owners: 

 These are trying times but we are hopeful that within the coming days and weeks protocols will be put in place that will allow person-to-person businesses such as piano tuning and servicing to continue as usual. Musicians and music students have been hit hard by the crisis, but don't give up. Together we can overcome this. Help us keep the modern day music and piano Renaissance alive!
   Contact us by text, email, or phone to schedule an appointment. Keep your piano sounding good for when inspiration strikes! Appointments may be scheduled as far in advance as you would like to ensure a specific time. We are committed to taking every recommended CDC precaution, from the use of face masks to cleaners. While it is helpful when the customer is present, it is not required, so that is an option also. As long as we can get access to the instrument, we will make sure that it is tuned and serviced to your liking.    -- Steve Rensberry, Tuner-Technician

Contact Us At:
Email: srensberry@rensberrypiano.com
Text: 618-654-1585
Phone: 618-654-1585

Rensberry Piano Service is Expanding!

Good news! Rensberry Piano Service is expanding! If you need your piano tuned, serviced, or repaired, give us at call at 618-654-1585. We serve customers throughout the Greater St. Louis Region, and in Illinois from the Metro East to Litchfield, Pana, Effingham, Salem, Centralia and Mt. Vernon, and everywhere in-between.

Piano Moving Services

   If you have a piano moving need, Rensberrry Piano Service can help.
   We are selective in the type of move we undertake, but in general can offer a fair price for most upright pianos of average size within the greater St. Louis area. We can provide referrals if it is a move that does not work with our schedule or is outside our area. 
   Call us for a quote at 618-654-1585.