Celebrating 40 Years!

A small price to pay

Dear customer: Money can be scarce in today's economy. More than ever it's important that all of us stay within our budgets and spend responsibly. I myself am frugal to a fault, the benefits of which I have for years passed on to my customers. It has also indirectly helped me to build a customer list that numbers in the thousands. Needless to say, they do not all have their piano tuned each year, as there would simply not be enough time.

But having such a large pool of customers has, in turn, enabled me to keep my tuning and service fees low-to-moderate, and my travel fees negligible. For customers who are willing to work within my schedule, there are rarely any travel fees at all. The small amount you pay to have your piano tuned can bring hundreds of hours play and practice.

A piano in tune will entice you to play and enjoy the instrument you love. It will give you the chance to work on that song you've been wanting to learn, to entertain your family and friends, and to add some much-needed color to a world which is too often filled with just blacks and grays.