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  28 years and counting

   A significant amount of my experience was acquired as an associate member of the Toronto, Ontario, Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild many years ago. I eventually parted ways in the interest of quality and to broaden my career, but I value the technical training I received in the workshops and gatherings which the guild sponsored. I was also fortunate to receive special technical training in a select course offered by Yamaha Pianos at their North American headquarter in Buena Park, California, and gained endless hours of hands on experience rebuilding, reconditioning and repairing pianos in an apprenticeship capacity with my father as I was growing up, in my teenage years and beyond. He is also a piano tuner/technician and still services the occasional piano well into his retirement years.
   I count among my customers a large number of school districts, music teachers, music retailers, professional musicians, churches and everyday households. I have worked for music retailers, conducted warranty work for major piano manufacturers and refinished more than 30 complete pianos, together with undertaking major restoration work on many, many more for customers in all walks of life.
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