Serving Illinois, Missouri and Greater St. Louis -- POB 653, Edwardsville, IL 62025, 618-654-1585


Fees / supplies


Experience and low overhead costs have enabled me to keep my fees extremely competitive. Average tuning fees are under $65 for first-time tunings. Subsequent tuning fees are often less. Please call 618-654-1585 for an exact quote on tunings in your area and for repairs or other services. You will find that my fees are substantially lower than the prices charged by some tuner-technicians, who will often charge travel fees in addition. I have heard of charges that are twice or even three times as much as  what I charge, with results less than expected. Generally, it is also the last time they ever see that specific customer again. Don't be fooled. High prices are not synonymous with high quality.

I believe in fair pricing, discounts when warranted, guaranteed satisfaction, and fees that are reflective of the profession.


I work under account with a number of wholesale piano and music parts supply houses and can readily order a list of piano-related music items for you, including piano benches, covers, cleaning products, metronomes, lamps and casters. I also maintain a list of vendors to which I can refer you if you're having trouble acquiring a specific product. Look for a more detailed list here shortly of all the products which I am able to order for you.