Comprehensive repairs

   My policy is to offer each customer a variety of repair options to match the amount of discretionary dollars they wish to spend and balanced with the quality they want to achieve. Sometimes it is simply a matter of repairing a broken hammer or string using existing parts. Other times it may require complete removal and reconditioning of the action, or replacement with a brand new string. I have repaired soundboards, pin blocks, bridges and pedals - just about any part that can wear, break or go out of adjustment. A visual inspection is generally necessary to determine the time involved and estimated cost of repair.
   Common repairs include replacement of broken or worn action parts, replacing felts or fixing sticking keys. If a key doesn't work or sound right, I can fix it.

Services which I offer beyond 
basic tuning and repair include:
  • An appraisal of your piano's worth
  • Replacement of both white and black keys, individually or as a complete set
  • Custom regulation of the action to achieve optimum performance 
  • Professional hammer voicing to restore the tone
  • Pitch raising in excess of one full note
  • Moving assistance
  • Advice on buying or selling a piano
  • Tuning pin tightening or complete replacement