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It's a buyers market for quality used pianos

   It is a buyers market right now for anyone who wants to buy a good quality used piano!
     Rensberry Piano Service is always looking for new customers and service jobs, which is the primary focus of our business. Lately, however, we have had a very large number of requests to help sell, purchase, or remove old pianos from homes -- so many that we could fill a gymnasium with the number of removal/sell requests we've had in the past year alone. The cost of moving, $200-$400 or more, is prohibitive for a lot of people, but the overall cost savings for buyers remains significant.
    The market for used pianos is currently all over the place in terms of price. We have seen a nearly-new Baldwin Hamilton piano go for as little as $75, even though it would retail for over $5,000. One customer of ours who owns a Wurlitzer Baby Grand, with a retail value of approximately $12,000, is willing to part with it for just $3,000. It is barely 10 years old.
    Rensberry Piano has several pianos of its own, including a Wurlitzer spinet and a Story and Clark console, both made in the 1960s and both in very good condition. We are asking $625 and $425 respectively, although the retail value in today's dollars would put both at over $3,000 each.
    Acoustic pianos will be around for a very long time, and are used all over the world in performances, music studios, at clubs and in contests, and for the enjoyment of people everywhere in the privacy of their own homes. It is challenging to sell them for what they are worth, but if you are looking to buy, there is no time like the present. If you would like us to help, take a photo of your piano, take note of the make, model and age (if you know it), and send your contact details to It can take weeks or months to attract a buyer, but we'll do what we can to help you move it, with a reasonable commission. If you're willing to part with it at no cost, we'll consider taking it off your hands.
    Call us at 618-654-1585 for more information.
 -- Steve Rensberry, Piano Tuner/Technician  8/27/2017