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Beautiful Baldwin Hamilton piano for sale

   Rensberry Piano Service is frequently looking for quality conscious, music connoisseurs interested in purchasing high-quality used pianos from a trusted source. We are currently looking for a buyer for this superb Baldwin Hamilton studio piano, pictured here with a rich cherry finish. This particular piano is in near-perfect condition and can be purchased at a cost of roughly half of what it would take to purchase the very same model off the showroom floor.
   Well-maintained pianos have largely appreciated in value over the years, rather than depreciated. This is especially the case with those which have been kept in fine homes by a single owner, as is the case with this instrument.
   If you are the least bit interested or would like to discuss the asking price of this instrument, or make an offer, please contact Rensberry Piano Service at your earliest convenience, either by phone at 618-654-1585, or by email at:
   In addition to this fine-quality instrument, we are also looking for a buyer for a Baldwin spinet piano. The piano has a beautiful walnut finish, beautiful keys, a bench, and is being offered for sale at a price you will not believe. Moving assistance is available. -- October 2012

Now is a good time to schedule a piano tuning

   If you are in need of a piano tuning for the coming 2012 winter and holiday season, I urge you to call now to make an appointment at 618-654-1585. It is a busy time of year for many people, and scheduling an appointment early can ensure that there is ample time to work you into my own schedule in a way that is most convenient for everyone.
   Recently I have worked on a number of pianos in which it has been several years since they were last tuned, with some being greater than half a step flat. If you are worried about your own instrument because it has been many years since it was last tuned, don't be.
   No matter how out-of-tune your piano may be,  I can assure you that it can be tuned and the pitch raised to where it is supposed to be, as long as there are no major structural problems.
   Daytime, evening and weekend piano tuning appointments are available. Call 618-654-1585 or send an email with your request and contact information to:  -- Steve Rensberry